Thursday, 16 October 2014

Colour Loving!

I always love colour. Lately I have found myself even more drawn to it than usual. I think it is because spring is in full bloom here in the Grampians at the moment and I just can't help but be inspired by it. Here are some lovely, colourful images that have been catching my eye lately. 

The beautiful home of The Grummet family featured on The Design Files a couple of weeks back

The textile art and amazing studio of Natalie Miller. Also featured on The Design Files. 

The hedonistic clash of colour and pattern that is Jumbled Online. I only just found these guys on Instagram and I hyperventilated a bit. So. Much. Eye candy!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Feeling Homely

We bought a house! A lovely little piece of mid century modern in the Grampians, Victoria. It's nothing flash but it has got some lovely features like timber floors, a stack stone fire place and a great little courtyard that I know we will be making excellent use of this summer (at least on the days that are under 40 degrees anyway).

After years of living in drab rentals I can't wait to move in and start making it into a home. I'm not going to post any pics of it yet but I will as I work on it. In the mean time our land lord is selling the house we currently live in and a we had a professional photographer take photos of it the other day. I was a bit blown away by how colourful the shots came out and just a bit chuffed by how nice it looked (for a rental) Below is a shot where you can't see the hideous tiles in the kitchen so I thought I'd share :)

I've finished off a couple of DIY projects that I've been meaning to do for ages like the pink and orange velvet cushions and the black clock. I think they bring the room together quite nicely.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Hello Spring!

Here are just a few of the new fabric design ideas I've been playing with. Spring is definitely in the air! I've been trying out new colours as well and am feeling even a bit more daring than usual. I'm not quite sure where I've found the time to create them as I've been extremely busy buying a house over the last little while (very exciting!) 

There are quite a few new designs available for sale in my etsySpoonflower and Society6 Shops. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014


I'm heading off on a lovely winter break and will be back on July 14. See you then x

Sunday, 4 May 2014

NEW - Winkelen Magazine is out today!

Today is the launch of the seriously gorgeous Winkelen Magazine! Check out the Elephant & Rose tea towels featured within it's lovely pages! If you love beautifully designed, local and handmade furniture, art and home wares then this is definitely for you!

I'm very please to be featured in with such a lovely bunch of designers. Might I add right next to one of my local heroes Rachel Castle!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Artist Crush - Lisa Lapointe

I just can't get enough of these beautiful drawings by Sydney artist Lisa Lapointe! After studying painting at the College of Fine Arts in Paddington and working in textile and interior design, Lisa now works exclusively with coloured pencils, creating large and very time consuming works on paper (Each piece can take months to complete). I find her use of colour and shapes absolutely mesmerising. 

'Under the Sea' 2014
Collaboration with Mitchell Connely

'Boundary Line' 2013 by Lisa Lapointe

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New Prints

I've been creating a whole lot of fresh new prints lately which I hope to be making into new products very soon. Watch this space! Today though,  I wanted to share three prints that I designed specifically for a competition being run by Digital Print, a company in Sydney. The theme was 'Botanical Extract' and the brief was to design up to three prints with a botanical theme using hand drawn or painted elements. It sounded like just my thing! We were restricted to a palette of colours which was a little challenging as I love my colours clear and bright and these were mostly quite muted and earthy. I think it's good to be restricted with choice though because it pushes you to make the best work you can with what you've got and there will almost always be restrictions placed on you when working with a client. So here are my three designs and some of the preparatory sketches. If you'd like to vote on my design then please visit either the facebook page or Pinterest board and leave a comment on one of my designs. Fingers crossed!